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Focus on HPC cluster

Focus on HPC cluster
MultipleHPC cluster resourcemanager, Distributed service architecture,platform localization


applications and pipelines can be exported, embedded

User friendly

User friendly
Hierarchicaldata display, visual results display, one-stop service for application creation and data analyzing

Multiple operable data space

We provide four data spaces for users to manageand usedata which makes data usage efficiency. By using hierarchical tree to display data, users can easily trace data.

Configurable applications and pipelines

User-friendly web interfaces are provided to create applications and pipelines. Users can choose the creation way according to their acquirement.

Flexible datavisualization

Several ways of data visualization are provided such as online file view, custom chart, UCSC track link, JBrowse.

Portable platform

Downloaded package is provided for users to localization and the created applications and pipelines can be transplanted.
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